Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan,Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces

IWS Program at a Glance

  15th January 2013 Conference Programme: Day One - 16th January 2013 Conference Programme: Day Two - 17th January 2013
9:00     IWS Welcome Address Welcome Address: Water Scarcity in Arab Regions
9:15     Keynote Presentation: Classification of Water Resources by Usage to Optimise Allocation and Reduce Wastage
9:30     Environment Agency Abu Dhabi Official Announcement Panel Discussion: Customised Water Solutions for Rural Communities
9:45     Ministerial Panel: Understanding the Role of Water Governance in Improving Global Water Sustainability
10:15     Networking Coffee Break
10:30     Interactive Panel Discussion: Understanding how an Arid Region may Continue Sustainable Growth and Economic Development despite Scarcity Challenges Bridging the Gap of Water Scarcity through Renewable Energy
10:45     Keynote Presentation: Utilisation of Clean Technologies and Renewable Energy in Desalination to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Desalinated Water
11:00     Panel Discussion: Optimisation of Water Production, Technology and Processes to Positively Impact Environment
11:15 Opening Ceremony (Summit Theatre) Networking Coffee Break Networking Coffee Break
11:30     1-2-1 Interview Session: The Role of Water in Sustainable Growth Panel Discussion: Cross Boundary Collaboration through International Water Governance in MDG and SDG concept Non-Profit Peer Support Partnerships for Capacity building of Water Operators - GWOPA Session
11:45 Royal Tour Exhibition Interactive Voting Session
12:00 Panel Discussion: Water and Energy as a Catalyst to Regional Development and Sustainable Growth Keynote Presentation: Setting the scene for Non-Profit Peer Support Partnerships for Capacity building of Water Operators
12:15 Lunch 1-2-1 Interview Session: Public and Private Sector Collaboration to Promote the Water Industry Diversity and Effectiveness
12:45 Panel Discussion: Analytic Outlook of Network Efficiency Asia Focus: Case Study - Asian WOP
13:00 Interactive Voting Session Arab Nations Focus: Case Study - Arabian WOP
13:15 Lunch and Opportunity to Visit the Exhibition, the Sustainable Solutions Village and the Project Stream Interactive Voting Session Panel Discussion: Linking WOPs and Investment Finance - what is needed?
13:45 Ministers Panels Case Study Presentation: Analysis of the Costing of Desalination Thermal Vs Reverse Osmosis Desalinated Water Session Conclusions and Summary
14:00 Panel 1: Sustainable Energy for All Lunch and Opportunity to Visit the Exhibition, the Sustainable Solutions Village and the Project Stream
  Panel 2: Energy Policy Evolution in Economically Challenging Times STREAM 1 STREAM 2
15:00 Workshop: Global Institutional Cooperation for Enhancing Water Governance Presentation: Revolution of Technology in Non-Thermal Desalination Workshop: Future Challenges Affecting Water Availability Innovative Water and Energy Production and Distribution to Optimise Water Energy Nexus Efficiency Through Hydro Power and Innovation
15:15 Workshop: The Role of Water Recycling and Water Re-Use in Arid Regions for Mitigating Water Scarcity Keynote Presentation: Moving from Water Abundance to Water Scarcity
15:30 An Integrated Approach to Sustainable Water Resource Management for Arid Regions Panel Discussion: Cross-Functional Water, Energy Benchmarking to Define Best Practice in Production and Energy Creation
15:45     Keynote Presentation: Understanding Water Availability in Arid Regions Workshop: Reduction of the Environmental Impact of Water Production and Transportation
16:00 Panel 3: Water-Energy Nexus Break Break Panel Discussion: Strategic Water Resource Management
16:15 Workshop: Taking a Stakeholder Perspective of Water Reduction, Recycling and Reuse in order to Improve Stakeholder Engagement and Reduce Water Scarcity Panel Discussion: Industrial Applications of Water Use in Energy Recovery and Distribution
16:30 1-2-1 Interview Session: Assessing the Impact of Demand Side Management on the Sustainability Interactive Voting Session Country Focus GCC - Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Qatar, Al Ain, Qatar
16:45 Optimising the Efficiency and Cost Benefits of Desalination
17:00 Keynote Presentation: Strategic Plant Placement to ensure Energy Conservation and Cost Efficiency Panel Discussion: Strategic Desalination Strategy for Arid Regions Joint Closing Ceremony IWS and WFES
17:15 Panel 4: Renewable Energy Policy Frameworks and Investment Opportunities in GCC/MENA Country Focus Japan, Singapore, Iceland and Netherlands Panel Discussion: This closing session will discuss joint strategies for water and energy security and how the natural competition between the water energy nexus may be aligned to enhance resource optimisation. Panellists from the energy and water sectors will reflect on the outcomes of both the World Future Energy Summit and International Water Summit to summarise findings and draw conclusions for reflection.

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